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RRRRRuffles have RRRRRidges

Ruffles suck.... im not a chips guy anyways. i like my chewy sour fruit candy. yum. (i may be attacked for this but... Chocolate sucks too)

5:02am and bored. go figure.
so what do all the cool kids do at 5 in the morning when they are bored?
write in their LJs?
ok sounds good to me.

so i walk outside to warm myself up a little (my roommates are fucking yettis) and im just leaning against a wall by my room thinking to myself and my roommate comes out and asks what im doing cus the door was open... i told him i was just thinking. he gave me a look like im insane. hes probably right.

ahh fuck it that story sucks. *look at me my roommate thinks im insane* (whiney voice)

im just entertaining myself anyway.

saw mallrats today. good movie.

well im going to go now and watch the sunrise. i love the blue glow before it comes over the horizon.

PS: thanks susie for finding my marbles. infact i have them right he... uh oh....
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