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rob linked me this... [07 Feb 2006|07:39pm]
[ mood | amused ]

and it was so good... i just HAD to share...


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douching about [21 Jul 2005|04:58pm]
[ mood | penis penis penis ]

going to cali tomorrow for nerdfest 2005! wooooooo.

not really, going to a LAN... ok nerdfest.

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fuck my sleep habits, fuck them right in the anus. [05 Jun 2005|06:53am]
[ mood | awake ]

what kind of monster have i created?!

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I wanted concert goingness [29 May 2005|08:50am]
[ mood | indifferent ]

So i spent the second NIN concert day hanging out with rob and matt, then watched some anime. then stayed up all night playing videogames and listening to the downward spiral.

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fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck [27 May 2005|07:47am]
[ mood | angry ]

ya so i stayed up all night so i could mabey try and call in on KUPD to win NIN tickets... but its NIN so of course they aren't just gonna let you call in and win them... i have no car to get down there... i have no money for the bus... not that i can take it correctly >.>

and theres some 30 year old bitch down there who doesn't shutup trying to muscle the tickets. I entered on their website to win tickets also though... not that anything will happen... i need to pay more attention to shit on the radio so i can win. :(

PS: to those of you going to the concert, i hate you. *cry*

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Brittanie wanting to spam my LJ wit cumments [26 May 2005|08:53pm]
[ mood | melancholy ]

Me rob and Brittanie went to lee lee's today. got some ramune. some ramune cocain candy. they are all delicious and i prolly will finish all mine off in a couple hours >.<

they are too good!!!!! i cant not eat/drink them!!!!!!!!! i have already eaten almost the whole bottle of ramune cocain candies *drool* and once you start eating them you cant stop!!!

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must play jediknite 2 because its so much better than dark forces 2: jedi knite [20 May 2005|09:14pm]
[ mood | annoyed ]

supposed to play it with robby right now... but looks as though his CD is broken NOOOOOOOO. i want lightsabre weilding force powered goodness flowing through my veins!!!

starwars 3 has a couple parts that make you sad cus goeorge lucas is an idiot... but overall it was good. way better than 1 and way better than 2... ok trying to install JK2 on my comp just to make sure its not just rob's shitty comp thats fuxxoring it up.

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[11 May 2005|12:33am]
[ mood | devious ]

well im kinda sorta drunk right now... and brittanie said i should update my journal cus thats what cool kids do when they are drunk. We'lls ee how this sucker turns out :D

so anyways first off i have to pee... fuck... ill be back...

ahh feels SOOOOO much better

anwayz. uhhh so first off i love you all. my loyal fans. i know that no matter what you will support me.
and... i am the sex. <3333333

wheras the dutch are commonly reffered to the douchebags hahahahahahahaha god im fucking good

douche bag....

it works on so many revers (engrish) hahahaha YES engrish is the best therefore i deam the rest of htis entry be made in engrish.

herro evlyone.

oh reary?


blit you suck i am making an ass ofmyself alen't i?.... and you ale laughing... owell im too lazy to derete it now so engrish it up!!!! wooooooooo

PS: hapy now!>?!?fjoiew?!

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RRRRRuffles have RRRRRidges [06 May 2005|05:01am]
[ mood | bored ]

Ruffles suck.... im not a chips guy anyways. i like my chewy sour fruit candy. yum. (i may be attacked for this but... Chocolate sucks too)

5:02am and bored. go figure.
so what do all the cool kids do at 5 in the morning when they are bored?
write in their LJs?
ok sounds good to me.

so i walk outside to warm myself up a little (my roommates are fucking yettis) and im just leaning against a wall by my room thinking to myself and my roommate comes out and asks what im doing cus the door was open... i told him i was just thinking. he gave me a look like im insane. hes probably right.

ahh fuck it that story sucks. *look at me my roommate thinks im insane* (whiney voice)

im just entertaining myself anyway.

saw mallrats today. good movie.

well im going to go now and watch the sunrise. i love the blue glow before it comes over the horizon.

PS: thanks susie for finding my marbles. infact i have them right he... uh oh....

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Stolen from Brittehdouche [05 May 2005|01:03am]
[ mood | confused ]

Pick ONE from each pair that you think describes me the best & leave it in the comments. Then copy this and post it in your own journal to see how your friends view you.

* dominant or submissive
* logical or intuitive
* social or loner
* kinky or vanilla
* cute or sophisticated
* kitten or puppy
* warm flannel sheets or sleek satin
* leader or follower
* quiet or talkative
* spontaneous or planned
* teddy bear or porcelain doll
* hiking or window shopping
* tequila or vodka
* top or bottom
* barefoot or shoes
* jeans or slacks
* tender or rough
* aware or dreamy
* nerd or geek

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nothin to do [03 May 2005|12:55am]
[ mood | mellow ]

took my last test of the year today... all to do now is sit and hope that i passed. The only classes i know for sure i got is eng "C" and religion "F" oops... >.> well if i get a B and a C in my other 2 classes i think im ok...

either way i think i have to get a job over the summer >.<
working is lame!!!! i dont want to...............................

i need to... like eric. also get a car bah!!!!

PS: i updated my journal are you happy now?


saw Hannable last night. now i want to see silence of the lambs. that movie is bad ass

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as we go [26 Apr 2005|04:35am]
hey what the fuck... so far i am not liking this LJ interface... i dont know what im doing, i feel like a newborn trying to swim. How do i get an avatar? baaaaahhhh...

in other news... i think i just missed 1 too many classes thereby failing out of english class YAY! if in fact this is true i think im just gonna do a full withdrawl from everything and die in a ditch. mabey ill just get a job and take a class or 2 of whatever interests me at MCC... i dont know why... i cant do this school shit... the system is broken to me. you know in my english class this year 80% of the time the teacher would talk about the homework assignments... not actual english. i dont understand how this is higher learning... i learned more in 1 semester of highschool than i did at a full year of college (i even attented almost every class this semester). Looks like im just going to have to teach myself everything i want to learn... what a hassle...
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NOOOOO [23 Apr 2005|11:10pm]
[ mood | lethargic ]

i finally got so bored that i got an LJ, but dont get your hopes up i probably wont be doing much with it.... plus i dotn know how to work this shit yet.... *wanders off*

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