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nothin to do

took my last test of the year today... all to do now is sit and hope that i passed. The only classes i know for sure i got is eng "C" and religion "F" oops... >.> well if i get a B and a C in my other 2 classes i think im ok...

either way i think i have to get a job over the summer >.<
working is lame!!!! i dont want to...............................

i need to... like eric. also get a car bah!!!!

PS: i updated my journal are you happy now?


saw Hannable last night. now i want to see silence of the lambs. that movie is bad ass
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oooh aaah i have no tests to take for finals. :D just fucking projects... kjghdkfjg.

working isn't so bad, it just matters where you work. you better start putting in apps NOW though, because soon there'll be no jobs left, esp in your area. too many kids live there. too much competition.

PS: nope.

silence... isn't that great. hannable is better. you have to put bologne on your face and yell "SILENCE ooof da laaaambs!" hahaha. watch and you'll see why. ;X